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  • Open
  • experimental data
  • Physical and morphological parameters of two Antarctic polar sites : Dome C and Lock In
  • Alexis Burr
  • This dataset contains all parameters measured or determined in Burr, A., Ballot, C., Lhuissier, P., Martinerie, P., Martin, C. L., and Philip, A.: Pore morphology of polar firn around closure revealed by X-ray tomography, The Cryosphere Discuss, 2018. It contains for both Dome C and Lock In sites (Antarctic plateau) various parameters of the pores embedded in firn, and were obtained by X-ray tomography : the closed porosity ratio, connectivity index, specific surface area, surface-to-volume rati o, but also other parameters related to the pore structure. In particular, the connectivity index was used to predict the close-off depth and density.> ...   ...
  • Open
  • experimental data
  • Micro-seismic-monitoring of a floating ice plate to monitor its deformation: Catalog
  • Cédric Lachaud
  • This dataset corresponds to the detected fractures characteristics related to the microseismic monitoring of a floating ice plate. This dataset is used in the manuscript submitted to JGR titled "Micro-seismic monitoring of a floating ice plate to characterize its deformation' by C. Lachaud, D. Marsan, M. Montagnat, J. Weiss, L. Moreau and F. Gimbert > ...  
  • Open
  • experimental data
  • Timeseries of surface elevation maps at Dome C measured by time lapse laserscanning
  • Ghislain Picard
  • The surface was scanned at Dome C almost daily for nearly 3 years using the Rugged Laserscan (RLS) developped by L. Arnaud and G. Picard (IGE). The dataset contains maps of surface elevation (DEM) with a resolution of 5 cm over an area of about 150m2. Maps are available at best daily, when enough valid data were acquired. The RLS and the data are described in G. Picard, L. Arnaud, R. Caneil, E. Lefebvre, M. Lamare, Observation of the process of snow accumulation on the Antarctic Plateau by time lapse laserscanning, The Cryosphere, doi:10.5194/tc-2019-4> ...   ...