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  • experimental data
  • Micro-seismic-monitoring of a floating ice plate to monitor its deformation: Catalog
  • Cédric Lachaud
  • This dataset corresponds to the detected fractures characteristics related to the microseismic monitoring of a floating ice plate. This dataset is used in the manuscript submitted to JGR titled "Micro-seismic monitoring of a floating ice plate to characterize its deformation' by C. Lachaud, D. Marsan, M. Montagnat, J. Weiss, L. Moreau and F. Gimbert > ...  
  • Open
  • Observation data simulation results
  • Snow albedo over artificial macroscopic surface roughness
  • Ghislain Picard
  • In situ measurements of albedo were acquired in the French Alps over smooth and rough snow surfaces. The roughness features were artificially created by pushing the snow down a few centimeter with rectangular and triangular rulers (2.5 m long) at regular spacing over a 2.5 m wide area. Spectral albedo over the rough area was recorded just after the creation, or for some experiment regularly over a few hours after the creation. A nearby smooth area was also measured to provide a reference. It is worth noting that despite our effort to search for flat areas, all the measured areas have small yet non-negligible slope. Ancillary data include spectral diffuse / total incident radiation ratio acquired just after each albedo measurements, slope information and other metadata. The accompanying paper provides full details of the roughness and experimental conditions.> ...   ...