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  • observation data
  • RESIF Dataset
  • Paola TRAVERSA
  • This dataset consists in a high standards dataset of earthquake ground motions recorded in Metropolitan France between 1996 and 2016. This dataset is intended to serve the scopes of a large seismological community; however, its primary aims are engineering seismology and earthquake engineering applications. The dataset includes records provided by permanent and temporary seismic networks operated by French research institutions and partners grouped within the RESIF consortium (http://seismology. All the waveforms are homogenized to acceleration units and underwent a full quality control process including: (1) visual verification and manual phase picking; (2) processing scheme; (3) consistency check by residual analysis. These make the dataset fully compliant with international standards. Finally the RESIF dataset includes more than 6500 quality-checked records from 468 earthquakes recorded at 379 stations. Over the 379 stations included in the dataset, 177 are permanent stations (RA, FR networks) and 202 are temporary stations (YP, X7 networks). The dataset is complete down to magnitude ML 3.5 over the whole French territory and less (about ML 2.5) in the Eastern part. Magnitudes range from ML 2.4 to 5.6 and from Mw 2.0 to 5.2, while distances range from less than 1 to 600 km. The disseminated dataset is constituted of (i) a versioned flat-file containing the metadata and main Intensity Measures (IM) computed on each processed record, (ii) time histories; (iii) response spectra for several damping values and (iv) Fourier spectra.> ...   ...
  • Open
  • Image data
  • ReDFISh multispectral dataset
  • Axel CLOUET
  • ReDFISh is a dataset containing multispectral images to help image sensors design. They contain a spectral sampling of reflectance properties of scenes over the absorption range of silicon (400 - 1050 nm). These data are used to simulate raw image acquisitions according to spectral sensitivities of a given image sensor under chosen illumination conditions and exposure setting. They can also be used for color science. > ...  
  • Restricted
  • speech data
  • VocADomA4H -- Acoustic recordings
  • Francois Portet
  • This repository contains the acoustics signals of the Vocadom@A4H dataset : This part of the data is restricted but can be accessed by signing a form > ...  
  • Open
  • Observation data simulation results
  • Benchmark MODECOGeL
  • Laurence Viry
  • A global sensitivity analysis approach for marine biogeochemical modeling. Marine biogeochemical models are now commonly included as modules in complex ocean circulation modeling systems. They are thus increasingly used for many applications. For such applications, sensitivity analysis (SA), i.e. methods that aim to quantify the relative influence of the inputs on some given outputs in a complex system like a numerical model, are a valuable tool. The model concerned with this benchmark is MODECO GeL, for which the input space is of dimension d = 74, and consider 15 different quantities of interest (QoI). This study required a high number of model evaluations that the authors decided to provide to the MASCOT NUM community, and more generally to the community of uncertainty quantification.> ...   ...
  • Open
  • experimental data
  • Timeseries of surface elevation maps at Dome C measured by time lapse laserscanning
  • Ghislain Picard
  • The surface was scanned at Dome C almost daily for nearly 3 years using the Rugged Laserscan (RLS) developped by L. Arnaud and G. Picard (IGE). The dataset contains maps of surface elevation (DEM) with a resolution of 5 cm over an area of about 150m2. Maps are available at best daily, when enough valid data were acquired. The RLS and the data are described in G. Picard, L. Arnaud, R. Caneil, E. Lefebvre, M. Lamare, Observation of the process of snow accumulation on the Antarctic Plateau by time lapse laserscanning, The Cryosphere, doi:10.5194/tc-2019-4> ...   ...