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  • Restricted
  • observation data
  • Tamago cours
  • Nadine Mandran
  • Traces d'activités d'étudiants de l'ENS Lyon pour l'obtention du certificat CI2E. Les étudiants utilisent le jeu-sérieux TAMAGOCOURS > ...  
  • Restricted
  • experimental data
  • Copex 2013 2016
  • Nadine Mandran
  • 2 years (2013-2016) of activity traces by students using the CopexChimie platform for learning experimental protocols in experimental sciences. > ...  
  • Restricted
  • survey data
  • Professional SNA
  • Aria Teimourzadeh
  • This dataset contains the experience of 184 social network users for job seeking and hiring purposes in France. > ...  
  • Open
  • experimental data
  • F-TRACT, ATLAS Decembre 2017
  • Olivier David
  • Connectivity probability with associated p-values as well as features describing fibers biophysical properties, estimated from CCEP data recorded in 213 patients, in the MarsAtlas, Brodmann, AAL and MaxProbMap parcellation schemes. The CCEP features are: peak and onset latency (LatStart), amplitude, integral, duration and the velocity estimated from the onset latency and the fibers distance between the parcels. Features maps : Images representing the connectivity probablility and response featur es for all the regions in the MarsAtlas parcellation.> ...   ...
  • Open
  • speech data
  • Translation Augmented LibriSpeech Corpus
  • Laurent Besacier
  • Large scale (>200h) and publicly available read audio book corpus. This corpus is an augmentation of LibriSpeech ASR Corpus (1000h) and contains English utterances (from audiobooks) automatically aligned with French text. Our dataset offers ~236h of speech aligned to translated text. Speech recordings and source texts are originally from Gutenberg Project, which is a digital library of public domain books read by volunteers. Our augmentation of LibriSpeech is straightforward: we automatically al igned e-books in a foreign language (French) with English utterances of LibriSpeech. We gathered open domain e-books in French and extracted individual chapters available in LibriSpeech Corpus. Furthermore, we aligned chapters in French with English utterances in order to provide a corpus of speech recordings aligned with their translations.> ...   ...