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A sample of owl:sameAs links within the INA RDF dataset
  • Contributor Manuel Atencia
This is a sample of the owl:sameAs links discovered by the import-by-query algorithm (see the related publication) within the INA RDF dataset. The sample refers to person homonyms. The algorithm used DBpedia as a external source and a set of 35 rules translating semantic constraints associated to the RDF datasets, domain knowledge, vocabulary mappings, and owl:sameAs transitivity. In total, 4,884 owl:sameAs links and 9,764 owl:differentFrom links were discovered. A sample of the corresponding INA RDF data may be found in the related dataset "A sample of INA RDF data" also available at Perscido platform.
Read me file
Read me file
A sample of owl:sameAs links within the INA RDF dataset
2017 04 14
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2017 04 14
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  • Subjects:

    Computer Science, Arts and Medias
  • Keywords:

    rdf,, INA, same as links
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    .nt (N-triples)