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  • Restricted
  • simulation data
  • LSST data on Galactica platform
  • Frédéric Gaudet
  • Simulated data from the SDSS telescop then processed by LSST algorithms and then duplicated to reach 2Tb size. > ...  
  • Open
  • textual data
  • Sense Embeddings Models
  • Loïc Vial
  • This dataset contains the models of sense embeddings, or sense vectors, produced for the article called "Sense Embeddings in Knowledge-Based Word Sense Disambiguation" by Loïc Vial, Benjamin Lecouteux and Didier Schwab, in proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Computational Semantics (IWCS 2017). > ...  
  • Restricted
  • observation data
  • Gaïa DR1 on Galactica platform
  • Frédéric Gaudet
  • Data from the GAIA mission of European Space Agency. Credit : ESA/Gaia/DPAC > ...  
  • Open
  • observation data
  • DACT
  • Bernard Omidvar Tehrani
  • Dataset of Annotated Car Trajectories > ...  
  • Open
  • experimental data
  • F-TRACT, ATLAS August 2017
  • Olivier David
  • Dataset containing connectivity probability with associated p-values as well as features describing fibers biophysical properties, estimated from CCEP data recorded in 174 patients, in the MarsAtlas parcellation scheme. The CCEP features are: peak and onset latency (LatStart), amplitude, integral, duration and the velocity estimated from the onset latency and the Euclidean distance between the parcels. > ...