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  • Open
  • observation data
  • DACT
  • Bernard Omidvar Tehrani
  • Dataset of Annotated Car Trajectories > ...  
  • Open
  • experimental data
  • F-TRACT, ATLAS August 2017
  • Olivier David
  • Dataset containing connectivity probability with associated p-values as well as features describing fibers biophysical properties, estimated from CCEP data recorded in 174 patients, in the MarsAtlas parcellation scheme. The CCEP features are: peak and onset latency (LatStart), amplitude, integral, duration and the velocity estimated from the onset latency and the Euclidean distance between the parcels. > ...  
  • Open
  • experimental data
  • F-TRACT, ATLAS June 2017
  • Olivier David
  • Dataset that contains connectivity probablility and peak latency estimated from CCEP data recorded in 174 patients, only in the MarsAtlas parcellation scheme. > ...  
  • Restricted
  • Web data
  • Bull-IA on Osirim platform
  • Jacques THOMAZEAU
  • Archives 2006-2016 de la liste de diffusion du GDR I3. Sont envoyées par son intermédiaire des nouvelles se rapportant aussi bien aux conférences à venir, aux appels à communication, aux annonces de financement ( post doc, des postes,.). La liste des abonnes au BULLetin du GDR I3 regroupe l'ensemble des membres (industriels, chercheurs, enseignants-chercheurs, doctorants,.) des communautes Information, Intelligence et Interaction concernes par les problematiques au coeur de ces domaines de reche rche, au travers de ses differents groupes de travail> ...   ...
  • Open
  • Image data
  • Laurent Besacier
  • SPEECH-COCO is an augmentation of MS-COCO dataset where speech is added to image and text. Speech captions were generated using text-to-speech (TTS) synthesis resulting in 616,767 spoken captions (>600h) paired with images. Disfluencies and speed perturbation were added to the signal in order to sound more natural. Each speech signal (WAV) is paired with a JSON file containing exact timecode for each word/syllable/phoneme in the spoken caption. Such a corpus could be used for Language and Vision (LaVi) tasks including speech input or output instead of text.> ...   ...